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Logon Simulators – Vendor Options and Breakdowns

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Logon Simulators should be part of every production and test deployment. They take away the anxiety from worrying about session launch failures, access problems, and back-end issues. In this video presentation I’ll go over a handful of different vendor options that exist today. We will also drill down into the details of the pros/cons as

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Citrix Active-Active Datacenters with App Layering and App-V

Citrix Active Active Datacenter with App Layering and App-V (May, 2018)   Citrix Synergy is an annual conference where Citrix, Partners, Vendors, and Customers come together to socialize, present, inform, and train everyone on current announcements, new marketing campaigns, certifications, road maps, and general new initiatives. This year I had the privilege of hosting a

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How to Become a Citrix Jedi

  Presenting at the last MyCUGC event was truly an honor.  See my full blog on “How to Become a Citrix Jedi” located on the MyCUGC website –

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A Citrix Active/Active Deployment – Part 4

The last couple weeks have been a hoot.  Here’s the progress that’s been made. XenServer hosts have all been setup (running 7.1) Storage (FC) and NAS have been setup All the VMs have been built, joined to the domain, patched, and prepped. The FMA Site has been configured and settings have been replicated (see ‘delivery

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A Citrix Active/Active Deployment Part 3

I’m at the point now where the Datacenter#2 has Networking, Storage, and Hosts ready for me to use.  That means it’s VM building time.  You pretty much need the identical components you have for your existing site.  Remember the key focus here is Highly Available and reliability.  So if one datacenter goes down, the other

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Over the last 5 years I’ve had the privilege of working with Steve both as a coworker and a partner. He is a true technologist with a deep understanding of End User Computing that stems from hands on experience. Steve is an expert at taking user workflows and application requirements and translating them into the correct technology. There is immense value in the fact that he also understands the infrastructure side of an advanced application delivery architecture and is able articulate requirements for reference architectures.

Jason Klein

( Executive | Leeward Business Advisors )

I strongly recommend Steven Noel and his vast experience in the information technology sector. Steven is currently on an assignment for me and has been a true professional and a breath of fresh air. As a senior recruiter in the IT industry, professionalism and a self-driven personality is something that I would consider rare, both of which Steven prides himself on. Steve has provided tremendous leadership and technical ability in a stressful and deadline critical environment. I would not hesitate to work with Steve again.

Matt Desiderio

( Senior Recruiter | Group Lead | Oxford IT Infrastructure )

We were in need of an upgrade in order support enhanced versions of our applications so we engaged Steve to lead us through the project. We leveraged his expertise and dedication to the project over the course of a year. Our internal team enjoyed working with Steve and his attention to detail and ability to follow through makes him a valuable asset. I would strongly recommend Steve as a Citrix expert.

Curtis Fryer

( CIO | St. Mary’s/Clearwater Valley Hospitals and Clinics )

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